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MediaDefender was founded in 2000, introducing IPP (Internet Piracy Prevention) to the world. It has since remained the undisputed provider of choice for most global content owners, and has retained a dominant position in the P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Anti-Piracy Industry. MediaDefender has been contracted by every major record label and every major movie studio, video game publishers, software publishers, and anime publishers.

MediaDefender is also the acknowledged P2P industry expert, and has been called upon to testify in front of US Congress several times. MediaDefender has also partnered with law enforcement to crack down on internet child pornography rings.

In 2006, MediaDefender was acquired by ARTISTdirect (ARTD). MediaDefender P2P Marketing Solutions are just one of the many projects that has come out of the acquisition.

The piracy of content via Internet-based P2P (Peer-to-Peer) file-sharing networks has emerged as the single greatest threat to the global content industry. All attempts to limit the Internet-piracy problem have failed and a ‘silver bullet’ solution does not exist.

Internet-piracy-prevention (IPP) technologies are an emerging means to successfully thwart Internet-based piracy and are critical enablers of the distribution of digitized content through legitimate channels.

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Such a program would presumably be a Godsend to the industry … it’s this technological approach to enforcement that actually holds the most promise, from the copyright holders' point of view. Where there's no company or individual to sue, technology will likely be the only recourse the industry has to prevent continuing, decentralized piracy. "People think Gnutella and similar programs are unstoppable, but that's not true," says Saaf. "You just have to use technology."
--Spin Magazine, July 2001

The Marketing Intel is Awesome.  I got a 35% sales increase directly resulting from the data collection these guys gave me. Great Work MediaDefender!   Thank you.
-Ms. Brown-Wirtig