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4 session hours per month $60 per hour $240/month
8 session hours per month $60 per hour $480/month
12 session hours per month $58 per hour $696/month
16 session package  $58 per hour $928
20 session package $58 per hour $1160

In home needs evaluation with report                        
and program design                                            $75

Diagnostic Assessment and Evaluation for special needs
with written report                                               $275


We find that, on average, it takes two to four months to signaficantly increase a title's protection effectiveness, but it is dependent on the titles’s popularity and current P2P conditions.

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By inserting promotional material into the decoy files, and then planting those files prominently on file-sharing sites, record labels and other marketers can turn what is now an antipiracy tool into an advertising medium. "The concept here is making the peer-to-peer networks work for us," says Jay-Z's attorney, Michael Guido. "While peer-to-peer users are stealing the intellectual property, they are also the active music audience," and "this technology allows us to market back to them."
--"Record Labels Turn Piracy Into a Marketing Opportunity", Wall Street Journal 2006

For all the disquiet the Internet has fostered in the music business, almost every rock star and record executive is intrigued with the prospect of marketing to music fans directly instead of wrangling for exposure with radio programmers or retailers.
--"Music Labels Offer Teasers To Download", New York Times 2007