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MediaDefender uses a range of non-invasive technological countermeasures employed on P2P networks to frustrate users’ attempts to steal/trade copyrighted content. We have a proven track record of adapting to challenges and successfully protecting our customers as new technologies and networks arise.

Decoying and Spoofing are the most commonly known techniques that we employ.  We send blank files and data noise that look exactly like a real response to an initiated search requests for a particular title.  Pirated files will no doubt be on the networks, but with our protection applied it would be easier to find a needle in a hay stack than a real file amongst our countermeasures.

In addition to anti-piracy solutions, MediaDefender also offers a Leak Alert service. Our industry leading Leak Team scours Newsgroups, Usenet, and BitTorrent sites to see what cracked/pirated content has most recently leaked.  Upon discovery, MediaDefender will download the leak and either send it or provide a secure ftp login for customers to sample the pirated material.

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“[Spoofing is] an appropriate response to the problem of peer-to-peer piracy," and "a self-help measure that is completely lawful ... I think it would be crazy if record labels, or motion picture studios or any other owners of content didn't take advantage of those kinds of measures."
--Cary Sherman, President, RIAA, June 2002