Peer-2-Peer Marketing Solutions


This has been an exciting year for the MediaDefender Marketing team. In addition to pioneering the world’s first (and now largest) company that protects copywritten digital content (music, movies, tv, videogames, etc), we have now leveraged our technology to allow our clients to market to the world’s 300 million file sharing users. We have the ability to distribute your branded/promotional media out to your desired demographic-based on keyword(s) and their geographic location.

Peer-to-Peer* Marketing is when we capture live search requests from your targeted demographic and respond with your clients’ files

  • The files can contain a video commercial
  • The files can contain sponsored content
  • The key is to target your user and present them with a relevant offering or content that matches the users taste or the music/movie/TV file they are searching for


Peer-to-Peer networks are similar to ‘Google’ - both take search requests and deliver content; but peer-2-peer networks are more ‘fun’ than ‘Google’ because instead of taking you to a webpage they deliver: movies, music, videogames, TV shows, etc. This makes our Redirection service like running an interactive television (video) commercial that is only viewed by your targeted audience and given the ability to interact and make immediate purchasing decisions.

  • Unique targeted search-response access to fans of any choosing (music, TV, movies, game, etc...)
  • Key consumer demographic
  • Engage millions of targeted customers with desires
  • Files continue to live and spread virally, even after the campaigns is ended
The Consumer/Fan
  • The user has the special experience of 'discovering' the new content
  • In the Branded Content scenario, customer is getting exactly what they are look for...free content
  • In the Commercial scenario, customer is presented with unique and compelling offerings that fit their tastes

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"This was the best Protection service I could have possibly asked for. The analysts helped my content increase sales from legit purchases. I highly recommend MediaDefender to anyone that takes their valued content seriously"
-Pam Smith

Thank you, MediaDefender .  My child hates illegal downloading now.
-Mrs. Garcia

This was the best service.  I could get supper on the table while knowing my content is protected and my sales are up!  Thank you.
-Ms. Brown-Wirtig