What do we do

  • Provide Leak Monitoring Services for Sensitive Material
  • Individual assessment and report
  • Status reports at various intervals
  • Decoying / Spoofing to confuse illegal downloaders
  • Award Winning Interdiction system will hinder pirated transfers
  • Inflate Pirate Trackers of your choice until they explode (or go down)
  • Content Analysis will determine leak trends
  • Demographic information will offer Marketing Intel for content
  • Specialized Reports
  • Multiple Networks Covered

What does it cost?

$2000 – Per Music Track
$3000 – Per Album (Up to 20 Tracks)
TBD – Movie Titles
TBD – Software Titles

Our Hours?

Monday - Friday
Peer Media
9:30a.m. - 6:00p.m.
on request
on request

What are the results?

Such a program would presumably be a Godsend to the industry … it’s this technological approach to enforcement that actually holds the most promise, from the copyright holders' point of view. Where there's no company or individual to sue, technology will likely be the only recourse the industry has to prevent continuing, decentralized piracy. "People think Gnutella and similar programs are unstoppable, but that's not true," says Saaf. "You just have to use technology."
--Spin Magazine, July 2001

Internet Protection Service


MediaDefender, Inc. is the leading provider of anti-piracy solutions in the emerging Internet-Piracy-Prevention (IPP) industry. We provide services that stop the spread of illegally traded copyrighted material over the Internet and Peer-to-Peer networks. Our solutions have been adopted as practical, proven methods to thwart Internet piracy and to drive consumers to pay for digitized content distributed through authorized channels. Learn more about P2P Anti-Piracy here...

This last year, we have been leveraging our anti-piracy technology to market and promote on various Peer-to-Peer Networks. By harnessing the power of user-generated content, social networking, and search technology that makes P2P so unique, we have been able to successfully reach out to the 300 Million aggregate unique monthly P2P users. Learn more about P2P Marketing/Distribution here...